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Benefits of employee screening and testing It is very vital to perform a background screening and drug testing for your potential employee before offering employment or staff at specific time intervals in the course of their work. There are stories of some companies who have loose policies and the firms end up recruit drug addicts into their system. Lack of proper screening and testing measure can lead to acquiring services of an employee who can cause work disruption and potentially injure other workmates. The business enterprise becomes embroiled in lawsuits associated with these incidents. Ultimately, there can be a price towards the corporation and even loss of life. For this reason, you should put stun measures and policies which ensure that there are proper screening and testing of employees. Many companies have ignored this requirement for a long time. However, some companies are slowly embracing the need for employee screening and testing. We can now go through some reasons for screening and drug testing. The importance of drug testing – There are numerous significant good reasons for including drug testing in your staff assessment program. Substance abuse can adversely affect the productivity and safety levels of employees at work. People who have a drug problem are likely to be miss duties, unreliable in their positions and more susceptible to theft and other offenses. Plus, substance abusers frequently have poor attitudes thus is could be very challenging to deal with them. Another reason why drug-testing is essential is the fact that individuals who are under the influence of drugs will frequently make mistakes on the job. Errors can cause severe loss of property, and the company can spend a lot of money in settling compensation claims. Making drug tests, part of employee screening – You should know your state’s regulations on substance abuse. Focus on the laws of your state only. Different countries have their regulations regarding drug testing for employees. In line with the law, come up with a strategy on drug testing for your business. The plan should cover how and when drug tests are administered to workers. Make sure you seek the consent of everyone who participates in screening and testing. Both the substance abuse policy and the agreement form should explicitly clarify the measures involved with the testing. Confidential of the test results is mandatory.
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Employee screening for total safety – Including drug assessments in your employee screening method protects your workforce as well as your company. By weeding out candidates who have a history of drug abuse, you reduce the chances of their problems or mistakes in judgment which can hurt other employees. Additionally, you will avoid the court battles which are very expensive.
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Several companies usually expose their business operations by hiring such dangerous individuals. It will only cost your business a little cash to have screening and testing. However, the expenses of dealing with problems caused by workers who abuse drugs are very high. Keep your workplace safe by conducting employee background screening and drug testing.